NART Privacy Policy

we seek to provide a safe and secure platform for art creation and appreciation

NART: Who Are We?

NART (Network of Artists) is a mobile application for artists, galleries, and art-lovers to connect and appreciate art. NART is an e-platform designed for painters (multimedia, oil, acrylics, charcoal, watercolors, aquarelle, oil pastels, soft pastels, ink, pencil, digital art… etc.). The purpose of the online platform of N-ART is to encourage collaboration, exposure, and networking between and beyond artists.

Founder: Nadia Shoukry - contact Info:

Frequently asked questions

Who can create an account on NART?

The user creates a profile either as a: (1) artist, (2) gallery, (3) art-lover.

What does the artist upload on NART?

The artist is encouraged to upload her / his work on the e-platform, follow other users for their work. Also, artists can share photos of their studio to allow a personal connection for the users.

Why would galleries connect on NART?

The gallery profile can upload their current events and can notice the new work of the artists and contact them for collaboration – vice versa.

How can users search the uploaded artwork?

The art lover is a profile for users who are there to navigate through the art work. They can search the uploaded work through art categories, price range, and geography. They would notice the available (green dot) versus sold work (red dot) on artists they follow.

How could you support NART?

We invite you to share our mission to invite artists, galleries, and art lovers worldwide to create a profile on NART to connect with art community.

Data and Privacy Policy

What kinds of information does NART collect

Information and CONTENT, you provide

Personal information. Your personal information - in which you first provide at login – is shared between two user accounts in case of purchasing interest – exchanged between the artist / gallery and art lover . This is the information the user provides at login. Name, Email, Phone Number, Address: is communicated with the art-lover in case of transaction, to communicate shipping logistics in case of artwork purchase.

Paintings. NART asks users for camera access in order to upload photos to their account. It is a photo sharing application. Photos of [artists / galleries] account is uploaded and saved on the e-platform.

E-Platform monitoring

Google Analytics. NART uses Google Analytics to monitor the app activity. Google Analytics is a third party plug-in which enables monitoring of mobile application performance. The dashboard shows users activity, demographics: age, gender, geography; app data: e.g. version number; and devices: e.g. operating system, service provider, screen resolution ... etc. NART uses google analytics to better optimize the software performance and enhance users experience, as well as detect trouble-shooting.

Networks and connection

Art Taste. Your interests: artists you follow, paintings you like. It lets us know more about your preferences.

Information about transactions made on our products

Transactions. NART keeps account of the transactions made on the e-platform.

Server and Storage

Storage. When you access our app or use the NART service as an end user. Our servers will automatically record certain information about your device and browser, and we may collect usage, clickstream, event data, crash data, and other technical data. We, our advertising partners and our service providers may also use technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, Local Storage Objects (LSOs) (such as HTML5 and Flash LSOs) and scripts to collect and store this information.

Server. We hold customer data securely on servers located in the United States. We leverage Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and built-in security controls, which incorporate several modern security standards and best practices.

Safety, Integrity and Security

Safety. The NART community strongly working to provide a safe and secure platform for all artists, galleries, and art lovers to network. Please drop us a line at in case you need to report any spam / fraud accounts.

Integrity. All artists, and galleries are to upload their own work. By creating an account on NART, you directly assure the NART community that all work is yours – not plagiarized.

Accounts Security. Login information is through email and password. Tips for users is to pick a strong password: to use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks. Users are encouraged to change their password regularly.

HOw Do We Communicate with YOU?

In app messages. NART sends you automated updates via in app-messages service.

Email. NART publishes a periodical newsletter. The newsletter sent via – in app messaging service as well as email – informs the NART community about the latest updates on NART’s growing community: events, galleries, new subscribers, and blog posts.

Research and Innovate for Social Good

Analyze Information. Account information is tracked through a third-party plug-in: Google Analytics. Information is analyzed to optimize software operation and provide more innovative solutions for the NART community.

How is this information SHARED?

Audience. Personal information is only shared within the NART community, between artists and art-lovers.

Public information. Information shared with the public does not disclose personal contact information. With the artists’ consent NART shares sample paintings on social media platforms e.g. Facebook; Instagram; Twitter for marketing purposes. Periodical reports shared with the wider global art community includes key financial and socio-cultural metrics; such as: number of subscribers; number of active users; curation trends; art community demographics… etc.

Withdrawal of data

Delete Posts. The NART app enables the user [artist / gallery] to delete posts.

Cancel Purchases. The NART app enables the user [art lover] – to cancel purchases from the cart.

Delete Accounts. If for any reason, the user needs to delete his account please drop us a line at All information will be deleted from the server within 30 days.

Community Guidelines

Our Principles

NART is a mobile application for artists, galleries, and art-lovers to connect and appreciate art. The purpose of the online platform of NART is to encourage collaboration, exposure, and networking between and beyond artists. NART community shares a set of principles to ensure artistic integrity, accountability, and responsible citizenship.

    1. Share only photos that you’ve taken - or have the right to share.

    2. Post photos are appropriate for a diverse audience and is representative of NART’s core mission: paintings.

    3. Foster meaningful and genuine interactions among members of the NART community. Comments and notices are meant to encourage art creation and appreciation.

    4. Follow the law. NART does not permit any illegal activity to take place on the e-platform.

    5. Respect other members of the NART community.